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Contains 9 accepted taxa overall.

Common Name:FIMBRY
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Sub Class
Genus Fimbristylis


Citation FIMBRISTYLIS Vahl, Enum. Pl. 2: 285. 1805 (sero 1806), nom. cons. vs. Iria (Richard ex Persoon) R. Hedwig Jul 1805.
Basionym: **
Type: TYPE: Fimbristylis dichotoma (Linnaeus) Vahl, typ. cons. (Scirpus dichotomus Linnaeus)

** Not applicable or data not available.


Scientific NameCommon NameHerbarium SpecimensPhotos
Fimbristylis autumnalis SLENDER FIMBRY
Fimbristylis caroliniana CAROLINA FIMBRY
Fimbristylis cymosa HURRICANEGRASS
Fimbristylis dichotoma FORKED FIMBRY
Fimbristylis littoralis GRASSLIKE FIMBRY
Fimbristylis puberula HAIRY FIMBRY
Fimbristylis schoenoides DITCH FIMBRY
Fimbristylis spadicea MARSH FIMBRY
Fimbristylis vahlii VAHL'S FIMBRY

Genus Synonyms

SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Actinoschoenus Actinoschoenus Bentham, Hooker's Icon. Pl. 14: 33. 1881. TYPE: Actinoschoenus filiformis (Thwaites) Bentham (Arthrostylis filiformis Thwaites)
Dichostylis Dichostylis Palisot de Beauvois ex Lestibudois, Essai Cyp. 39. Mar 1819; Palisot de Beauvois ex Cassini, in Cuvier, Dict. Sci. Nat. 13: 180. Jul 1819. TYPE: = Echinolytrum Desvaux 1808.
Echinolytrum Echinolytrum Desvaux, J. Bot. (Desvaux) 1: 20, t. 1. 1808. TYPE: Echinolytrum dipsaceum (Rottbøll) Desvaux (Scirpus dipsaceus Rottbøll)
Mischospora Mischospora Boeckeler, Flora 43: 113. 1860. TYPE: Mischispora efoliata Boeckeler, nom. illegit. (Fimbristylis abjiciens Steudel)
Pogonostylis Pogonostylis Bertoloni, Fl. Ital. 1: 312. 1833. TYPE: Pogonostylis squarrosa Bertoloni (Scirpus gracilis Savi 1815, non Poiret 1804)
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