Lespedeza cuneata

Species:Lespedeza cuneata (Dum.Cours.)G.Don
Status:Not Native, FACU (NWPL)
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Sub Class
Genus Lespedeza
Species Lespedeza cuneata (Dum.Cours.)G.Don - SERICEA LESPEDEZA; CHINESE LESPEDEZA


Citation LESPEDEZA CUNEATA (Dumont de Courset) G. Don, Gen. Hist. 2: 307. 1832.
Basionym: Anthyllis cuneata Dumont de Courset 1811.
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CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Baker USF  
Brevard USF  
Dixie FSU  
Escambia USF  
Franklin FSU  
Gadsden USF  
Hardee FLAS  
Jackson FLAS  
Jefferson FLAS  
Leon FSU  
Liberty FSU  
Nassau FSU  
Okaloosa USF  
St. Johns USF  
Wakulla FSU  
Walton FLAS  
Washington USF  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Anthyllis cuneata Anthyllis cuneata Dumont de Courset, Bot. Cult., ed. 2. 6: 100. 1811.  
Aspalathus cuneatus Aspalathus cuneatus (Dumont de Courset) D. Don, Prodr. Fl. Nepal. 246. 1825.BASIONYM: Anthyllis cuneata Dumont de Courset 1811. 
Hedysarum sericeum Hedysarum sericeum Thunberg, Fl. Jap. 287. 1784, non Miller 1768. TYPE: JAPAN:
Lespedeza argyraea Lespedeza argyraea Siebold & Zuccarini, Abh. Math.-Phys. Cl. Königl. Bayer. Akad. Wiss. 4(2): 120. 1843.BASIONYM: Hedysarum sericeum Thunberg 1784, non Miller 1768. 
Lespedeza juncea subsp. sericea Lespedeza juncea (Linnaeus) Persoon, subsp. sericea (Maximowicz) Steenis, Nova Guinea 6: 280. 1955.BASIONYM: Lespedeza juncea (Linnaeus) Persoon, var. sericea Maximowicz 1873; Hedysarum sericeum Thunberg 1784. 
Lespedeza juncea var. sericea Lespedeza juncea (Linnaeus) Persoon, var. sericea Maximowicz, Trudy Imp. S.- Peterburgsk. Bot. Sada 2: 371. 1873.BASIONYM: Hedysarum sericeum Thunberg 1784, non Miller 1768. 
Lespedeza sericea Lespedeza sericea Bentham, in Miquel, Pl. Jungh. 227. 1852, nom. illegit.BASIONYM: Lespedeza argyraea Siebold & Zuccarini 1843; Hedysarum sericeum Thunberg 1784. 


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Gadsden Co. 02 Nov 1977 L. C. Anderson 4559
USA Florida Okaloosa Co. 24 Nov 1980 G. Wilhelm 8034
USA Florida Okaloosa Co. 27 Jul 1981 D. S. Correll 52216
USA Florida Escambia Co. 09 Jul 1981 G. Wilhelm 9696
USA Florida Washington Co. 28 Sep 1981 B. F. Hansen 8835
USA Florida Baker Co. 11 Jul 1984 B. F. Hansen 10043
USA Florida St. Johns Co. 12 Jul 2009 C. Slaughter 17316
USA Florida Brevard Co. 19 May 2010 C. Slaughter 17767
usa New York Tompkins Co. 19 Oct 1965 G. S. Bunting 1640 CULTIVATED; seeds secured from Robt. Nicholson Seed Co. Dallas Texas 1964; BH-64-398; conservatory.
Italy Aug 1903 C. K. Schneider s.n. CULTIVATED.
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