Balduina uniflora

Species:Balduina uniflora Nutt.
Status:Native, FACW (DEP), FACW (NWPL)
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Genus Balduina
Species Balduina uniflora Nutt. - ONEFLOWER HONEYCOMBHEAD


Citation BALDUINA UNIFLORA Nuttall, Gen. N. Amer. Pl. 2: 175. 1818.
Basionym: **
Type: SOUTH CAROLINA: Without data, Elliott s.n. (lectotype: PH). Lectotypified by E. S. Parker & S. B. Jones, Brittonia 27: 359. 1975.

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CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Alachua FLAS  
Baker FLAS  
Bay USF  
Bradford FLAS  
Calhoun USF  
Clay USF  
Columbia FLAS  
Duval USF  
Escambia USF  
Flagler FLAS  
Franklin FSU  
Gadsden GH  
Gulf USF  
Hamilton FLAS  
Holmes USF  
Jackson USF  
Leon FLAS  
Liberty USF  
Nassau USF  
Okaloosa USF  
Santa Rosa FLAS  
St. Johns USF  
Wakulla USF  
Walton USF  
Washington FLAS  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Actinospermum uniflorum Actinospermum uniflorum (Nuttall) Barnhart, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 24: 411. 1897.BASIONYM: Balduina uniflora Nuttall 1818. 
Balduina bicolor Balduina bicolor Rafinesque, New Fl. 4: 73. 1838 ("1836"). TYPE: FLORIDA: Without data, Leconte s.n. (holotype: ?).
Balduina lutea Balduina lutea Rafinesque, New Fl. 4: 73. 1838 ("1836"), nom. illegit.BASIONYM: Balduina uniflora Nuttall 1818. 
Endorima uniflora Endorima uniflora (Nuttall) Barnhart ex Small, Fl. S.E. U.S. 1283, 1340. 1903.BASIONYM: Balduina uniflora Nuttall 1818.