Silene antirrhina

Species:Silene antirrhina L.
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Sub Class
Genus Silene
Species Silene antirrhina L. - SLEEPY CATCHFLY


Citation SILENE ANTIRRHINA Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 419. 1753.
Basionym: **
Type: Without data (lectotype: LINN 583.42). Lectotypified by Rabeler, in Cafferty & C. E. Jarvis, Taxon 53: 1053. 2004.

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CountyHerbariaLiterature Citation (If Applicable)
Alachua USF  
Baker FLAS  
Bay USF  
Bradford USF  
Calhoun USF  
Citrus USF  
Clay FLAS  
Columbia FLAS  
Duval FLAS  
Escambia FLAS  
Flagler FLAS  
Franklin FSU  
Gadsden FLAS  
Gilchrist USF  
Gulf FSU  
Hamilton FLAS  
Hernando USF  
Hillsborough USF  
Holmes FSU  
Jackson FSU  
Jefferson FLAS  
Lafayette FLAS  
Lake USF  
Leon USF  
Levy USF  
Liberty FSU  
Madison FLAS  
Marion USF  
Nassau USF  
Okaloosa USF  
Osceola DWP  
Polk FLAS  
Putnam FLAS  
Santa Rosa USF  
Sarasota USF  
Seminole USF  
St. Johns FTG  
Sumter USF  
Taylor FLAS  
Volusia USF  
Wakulla FLAS  
Walton USF  
Washington FLAS  


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SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Silene antirrhina forma apetala Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, forma apetala Farwell, Pap. Michigan Acad. Sci. 3: 97. 1924. TYPE: MICHIGAN: Macomb Co.: Near Washington, 21 Jun 1922, Farwell 6198 (lectotype: BLH). Lectotypified by McVaugh et al., Cranbrook Inst. Sci. Bull. 34: 67. 1953.
Silene antirrhina var. linaria Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, var. linaria A. W. Wood, Amer. Bot. Fl. 53. 1870. TYPE: "Ga. & Fla."
Saponaria dioica Saponaria dioica Chamisso & Schlechtendal, Linnaea 1: 38. 1826, non Moench 1794.  
Silene antirrhina forma bicolor Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, forma bicolor Farwell, Amer. Midl. Naturalist 11: 55. 1928. TYPE: MICHIGAN: Wayne Co.: Flat Rock, 8 Jun 1927, Farwell 7945 (lectotype: BLH; isolectotype: MICH). Lectotypified by McVaugh et al., Cranbrook Inst. Sci. Bull. 34: 67. 1953.
Silene antirrhina forma deaneana Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, forma deaneana Fernald, Rhodora 17: 96. 1915. TYPE: MASSACHUSETTS: Middlesex Co.: Near Winter Pond, Winchester, 22 Jun 1913, Fernald & Long 9494 (holotype: NEBC; isotype: GH).
Silene antirrhina var. confinis Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, var. confinis Fernald, Rhodora 17: 97. 1915. TYPE: MEXICO: Chihuahua: Near San Diego, 15 May 1891, Hartman 684 (holotype: GH).
Silene antirrhina var. depauperata Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, var. depauperata Rydb., Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 31: 408. 1904. TYPE: CANADA: British Columbia: Deer Park, Lower Arrow Lake, 12 Jun 1890, Macoun 2566 (holotype: NY).
Silene antirrhina var. divaricata Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, var. divaricata B. L. Robinson, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 28: 132. 1893. TYPE: ILLINOIS: Winnebago Co.: Rockford,
Silene antirrhina var. laevigata Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, var. laevigata Engelmann & A. Gray, Boston J. Nat. Hist. 2: 213. 1845. TYPE: TEXAS: Without locality, 1843, Lindheimer 21 (holotype: GH).
Silene antirrhina var. subglabra Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, var. subglabra Engelmann & A. Gray, Boston J. Nat. Hist. 2: 213. 1845. TYPE: TEXAS: Without locality, 1843, Lindheimer 22 (holotype: GH).
Silene antirrhina var. vaccariifolia Silene antirrhina Linnaeus, var. vaccariifolia Rydberg, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 31: 407. 1904. TYPE: IDAHO: Nez Perce Co.: Lewiston, 29 May 1896, Heller & Heller 3153 (holotype: NY; isotype: UC).


Country State County Date Specimen Notes Image
USA Florida Gilchrist Co. 25 Mar 1958 R. K. Godfrey 56293
USA Florida Leon Co. 28 Mar 1955 R. K. Godfrey 53069
USA Florida Citrus Co. 25 Mar 1958 G. R. Cooley 5720
USA Florida Lake Co. 10 Apr 1988 R. F. Daubenmire s.n.
USA Florida Alachua Co. 24 Apr 1988 K. Holland s.n.
USA Florida Levy Co. 15 Apr 1986 B. F. Hansen 10968
USA Florida Marion Co. 22 Apr 1981 D. S. Correll 51538
USA Florida Walton Co. 14 Mar 2000 T. G. Lammers 10903
USA Florida Sarasota Co. 02 Apr 1981 R. P. Wunderlin 8912
USA Florida Nassau Co. 29 Mar 1982 D. S. Correll 53451
USA Florida Okaloosa Co. 11 Apr 1977 G. Wilhelm 2984
USA Florida Volusia Co. 14 Mar 2006 J. M. Kunzer 1431
USA Florida Santa Rosa Co. 10 Apr 1977 G. Wilhelm 2902
USA Florida Lake Co. 23 Mar 1981 B. F. Hansen 8127
USA Florida Putnam Co. 09 Feb 2000 C. Slaughter 11370
USA Florida Hernando Co. 03 May 1980 C. vanHoek s.n.
USA Florida Volusia Co. 10 May 2006 J. M. Kunzer 1709
USA Florida Seminole Co. 29 Apr 2008 W. D. Longbottom 11098
USA Florida Levy Co. 21 Apr 1984 R. P. Wunderlin 9484
USA Florida Calhoun Co. 21 Mar 1992 C. vanHoek 248
USA Florida Sumter Co. 18 Mar 1980 B. F. Hansen 6915
USA Florida Hillsborough Co. 22 Apr 1963 O. K. Lakela 25826
USA Florida Nassau Co. 16 Apr 2012 W. D. Longbottom 16809
USA Florida Bradford Co. 18 Apr 2012 W. D. Longbottom 16991
USA Florida Calhoun Co. 24 Mar 2014 T. MacClendon 1354
USA Florida Bay Co. 22 Mar 2015 W. D. Longbottom 22433
USA Louisiana Caddo Co. 01 May 1984 R. D. Thomas 88348
USA Alabama Baldwin Co. 14 Jul 1977 G. Wilhelm 3156
USA South Carolina Marion Co. 11 Jun 1977 D. W. Crewz 1048
USA Mississippi Lawrence Co. 26 Apr 1967 S. B. Jones 11785
USA Alabama Lee Co. 04 May 1960 S. B. Jones s.n.
USA South Carolina Horry Co. 30 Apr 1932 C. A. Weatherby 16522
USA Alabama St. Clair Co. 12 May 1983 R. D. Whetstone 073
USA Louisiana Franklin Par. 03 May 1988 R. D. Thomas 104313
USA South Carolina Anderson Co. 31 May 1956 H. E. Ahles 13466
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