Galactia brachypoda

Species:Galactia brachypoda Torr. & A. Gray
Common Name:
Plant Notes:Chapman (1860: 109) described this taxon as erect with a woolly calyx and purple flowers. On the holotype label, Chapman noted a similarity to G. mollis and G. erecta (as G. sessiflora, a synonym of G. erecta). The holotype and istoype of G. brachypoda have long petioles and elliptic leaflets, similar to G. erecta. The inflorescence tips are villous, similar to G. mollis. A very similar collection identified as G. brachypoda (Anderson 15642, FSU) described on its label an erect plant with limited twining that was possibly a hybrid of G. erecta and G. mollis, and had long stems similar to the type specimens of G. brachypoda. Several other botanists have noted a similarity of Galactia brachypoda with G. erecta (Rogers 1949; Isely 1986; Ward & Craighead 1990; Ward & Hall 2004). Galactia brachypoda is here considered a rare taxon with a form seeming intermediate between G. erecta and G. mollis and so far found only in Florida and Georgia (Franck 2017); the name G. brachypoda was misapplied to G. purshii (Nesom 2015, 2017), a taxon which has a non-erect habit, shorter petioles, and strigose indumentum on the inflorescence.

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Sub Class
Genus Galactia
Species Galactia brachypoda Torr. & A. Gray


Citation GALACTIA BRACHYPODA Torrey & A. Gray, Fl. N. Amer. 1: 288. 1838.
Basionym: **
Type: FLORIDA: Chapman s.n. (holotype: NY [barcode 00008088]; probable isotype: NY ex Columbia College [barcode 00008090]).

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